Chosen (Full Wolf Moon Trilogy, Volume 3) Review
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In the last battle against the Great Beast (in Bitten), David Alma Curar and his friends took a tremendous blow to their ranks. They lost two of their hunters, and the rest were scarred by the experience. Now they’re holed up in their mostly burnt-out compound near Tohatchi, New Mexico, trying to recover. But the worst is yet to come.

David Alma Curar was seriously wounded by the beast. Max Pierce saved his life, but now they face the possibility that David will become a werewolf on the rise of the next full moon. David eventually disappears, haunted by a skinwalker called Niyol, who wants to control the beast and cause great pain and suffering.

Max and Doris Tebbe think that David has gone off to commit suicide in order to protect them from what he will become. But it might already be too late, for a werewolf terrorizes a young Navajo named Dakotah, whom they believe is marked by the beast. Their only hope is to use him as bait and do what they can to save David, hopefully ending a frightening lineage that they’re incapable of facing.

Chosen is a spectacular end to the Full Wolf Moon trilogy. Ms. Nappier brings together legend and myth in a believable blend that will have you glancing at the full moon in apprehension. In-depth character development and suspense combine to bring readers a memorable escape into a fictional world of horror and magic.

David Alma Curar is in the battle of his life, facing it with incredible courage while outwitting the skinwalker and fighting toward a solution that will save them all. But he’s also willing to forfeit his life for the safety of his friends and partners in the hunt.

Chosen is one of the most intelligent werewolf novels that I’ve read—as is the entire Full Wolf Moon trilogy. It’s written with skill and research that will make you believe that these beasts actually exist somewhere out there, in the deepest reaches of the world.

K.L. Nappier is one of the most talented authors out there. I encourage you not to miss Chosen or the Full Wolf Moon trilogy.

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