Broken Review
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After a personal tragedy in Heaven, an angel, who takes on the name Alia Mercier, chooses to fall. Once on Earth, she decides to pass her time by enjoying human sins. All she really wants is to live among the population as nothing special, not caring about anything, and die a mortal death. But visions of those around her keep getting in the way of that.

To the archangel Michael’s dismay, Alia chooses Paris in the summer of 1939, just before Germany’s occupation, to live as a mortal. She chooses friends who only care about art, poetry, fornicating, and partying. She occupies her time with several lovers while trying to ignore the persecution of the Jews all around her—that is until she grows to love her next door neighbor and her little girl, Suzanne and Cecile DuBois.

Suzanne and Cecile are Jews hiding behind a French name, but every day they live in fear of being found out. Alia does whatever it takes to protect them, and she slowly begins to realize what a prison human life truly is.

Broken is a unique story about a fallen angel during Hitler’s reign in Germany. At first, you probably won’t like Alia, though you’ll feel as if she stands apart from her sinful friends; she’s among them but not really a part of them. And as her story continues, you’ll admire her for the terrible things she has to do in order to protect her friend, Suzanne, and her daughter.

The story’s background is set during a dark and bleak time in history, yet Alia’s light shines throughout the novel. It will give you a sense of hope that good did exist during that terrible time—that brave souls reached out and helped at the cost of their own safety and even their lives.

Traci L. Slatton is a talented and gifted writer who crafts exceptional stories that are hard to put down. I read Broken in one sitting, getting caught up in the characters and becoming lost in a world that’s so unlike my own. Slatton will take you places you can never go in reality and leave you fascinated. Don’t miss out on this unique talent!

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