Mutation Z: The Ebola Zombies Review
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Ebola spreads throughout West Africa—from Guinea into Sierra Leone and Liberia before moving into Nigeria. The situation is made worse by those in the slums who do not seek treatment. They are mistrustful and fearful of the doctors, and they want nothing to do with them or a cure. They drag their dead out into the streets and leave them, turning the Ebola crisis into an epidemic. But there’s more to this crisis than is told.

Tired of her mundane life in the United States, Emma Johnson decides to volunteer as a nurse in Africa, where the Ebola virus is most rampant. She arrives at the Liberia Treatment and Research Camp, where she’s warned not to wander off by herself.

The camp is licensed to administer experimental drugs in a place where doctors and nurses are battling heat and filth. Sometimes the drugs have unexpected results—results that confuse and scare Emma, especially when the seemingly dead start to rise again.

Mutation Z: The Ebola Zombies introduces readers to a fascinating new zombie series by author Marilyn Peake. She chose to go with a scientific approach that makes zombies more credible—and though it includes a lot of science speak, it never gets boring.

Emma is a cautious but curious heroine who is just trying to help those afflicted with Ebola. She truly wants to make a difference in the lives of the West African people—even if it puts her own life in danger. She’s likable, and readers are going to want to follow her journey as she tries to figure out what’s going on at the camp.

Though Mutation Z: The Ebola Zombies is more or less a short introduction to the rest of the series, Ms. Peake manages not to make it boring. She’ll engage your interest, so once you finish reading it, you’ll be ready and willing to pick up the next book in the series to find out what happens next.

This is one of Ms. Peake’s best books, so you’re not going to want to miss it.

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