Mai Tai Guy
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Pages: 8
Goes Well With: A stack of pancakes and a Mai Tai, of course (hold the rum if you’re heading back to work)

A few months ago, when I reviewed author Mickey J. Corrigan’s Tequila Dirty, I discovered a distinctive new voice—and I was eager to return to Dusky Beach, Florida, for another one of her novels in The Hard Stuff series. And if you’d like a quick introduction to this talented author, too, you can do so for free by downloading her super-short e-book, Mai Tai Guy.

The story finds a nameless narrator returning home to Dusky Beach for her 30th high school class reunion. For years, she’s held a torch for her perfect high school boyfriend, but she didn’t realize that he was the one for her until years after they’d both moved on. Through the years, they’ve occasionally rekindled their relationship—giving little or no thought to his wife and kids. But now it’s been 15 years since they last saw each other—and she’s nervous but eager to see him again.

It’s hard to tell a whole story in just a few pages—and, for that reason, Mai Tai Guy is more ideas, suggestions, and possibilities than a complete story. It’s about love, regret, insecurity, and the one who got away—despite the fact that this one kept coming back for more. With yet another class reunion looming on the horizon, the character can’t help but look back on the good old days—and on the mistakes she’s made—while considering what she wants out of her life right now. And what does she decide? Well, that’s left to the reader’s imagination.

Once again, though, this tantalizing taste of The Hard Stuff is all about the tone—and the voice. It’s a sly and breezy story, told in a casual, conversational style that’s loaded with asides and metaphors. As you read, you’ll get an almost instant feel for the main character. You’ll be able to hear her in your head. And while the story may be a bit too brief to be truly satisfying, it’s the feel of this e-book—the character, the sultry beachside setting, and that unique voice—that make it an enjoyable read. And once you finish reading Mai Tai Guy, you’re sure to set out in search of for more from this noteworthy author.

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