Something Old, Something Dead (Ivy Morris Mysteries, Book 3) Review
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Ivy Morris has a wedding to pull togetheróbut not her own. Her father, Stan, is about to remarry, and Ivy gets to walk her new stepmom, Martha, down the aisle. But when does anything ever go smoothly in Ivyís life?

Once the big day finally arrives, Horace, the wedding singer, gets poisoned by a glass of water and her sister finds the dead body of the trumpet player in the parking lot. Ivy has vowed to stay out of the investigation this time and leave it up to the police, but then the wedding singer moves into her fatherís house and wonít get off the couch because he fears for his life.

Desperate to get him out of the house, Martha begs Ivy to find out who poisoned the poor guy. When Ivy begins to dig, she finds some odd things about the wedding singer.

If thatís not enough on her plate, all of the women under fifty seem to have a serious crush on Ivyís boyfriend, Ben. Whatís going on in Marthaís Point, Virginia? Ivy definitely needs to know, so she breaks her vow and starts investigating.

Though Something Old, Something Dead has a great premise and it sounds like it would be an interesting read, I just couldnít seem to get interested in the storyómostly because of the characters. It takes forever for anything significant to happen to them. Ivy mostly just whines about not fitting in and not getting any sex. And her jealous outbursts become tedious, too.

Ivyís character doesnít stand out. She is somewhat vanilla and not that memorable. In fact, none of the characters seem all that interestingóthere isnít even a quirky supporting character that I could love.

The plot, on the other hand, is intriguing once it finally gets going. I wanted to know who poisoned the wedding singer, what happened to the trumpet player, and why all those women were fawning over Ben. Those things alone kept me reading. I just wish the characters had been equally as attention-grabbing.

If youíre not as into highly entertaining characters as I am, then youíll like Something Old, Something Dead. Otherwise, think twice before picking it up.

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