Dating Service Finally Finds Man’s Match
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CRUMPTON, MD It’s been two years since Dale Sanders first enlisted the aid of Joan Green at the MateSleuth Dating Service. He carefully and honestly filled out his application, and, no matter how much searching Green did, she couldn’t find a single match.

Green has searched and searched for the last two years. In fact, working on Sanders’s case alone has pretty much been a full-time job. But Green finally believes she’s found the perfect match—the one who meets all of the criteria that Sanders considers important.

“It’s really important for Dale to find someone who loves to cook and clean. Someone who will be accepting of his time with his friends. Someone who won’t mind if he sometimes comes home late. He just really needs someone who’s flexible,” says Green. “And Melissa is that woman.”

According to Green, Sanders’s ideal match is Melissa Fox, the owner of Maids on the Go, a housekeeping business in Crumpton. Each week, Melissa will come to Dale’s home and give his house a thorough cleaning. Following her house cleaning, she’ll cook up a few meals that can be easily heated in the microwave. She’ll nose around the house, checking Sanders’s supplies of toilet paper, toothpaste, and Old Spice, and then she’ll go to the store and purchase whatever’s running low.

And then she’ll leave—and she won’t return again until the next week.

“Melissa is the perfect woman,” Sanders reported after their first meeting. “She does a great job. She’s neat, she’s a great cook, and she stays out of my hair. She never nags me about anything. She never asks me where I’m going. She never asks me when I’ll be home. She never complains when I leave my dirty socks thrown all over the floor. She just picks them up. She’s the woman I’ve been looking for my whole life.”

Sanders couldn’t be happier with the match that Green found for him. “This was well worth the wait,” he said in a recent letter to MateSleuth. “I know that this is the beginning of a beautiful, life-long commitment.”

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