Gummi Bears Should Not Be Organic Review
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After the baby showers are over, the nursery has been decorated, and the painkillers wear off, it doesn’t take long to discover that motherhood is the toughest job you’ll ever have. It’s hard enough to train and raise and care for a tiny human being—but, as it turns out, you also have to do so while under the constant scrutiny of your friends, family members, and every stranger who sees you dragging your screaming toddler out of the McDonald’s Play Place. But author Stefanie Wilder-Taylor puts it all in perspective in Gummi Bears Should Not Be Organic: And Other Opinions I Can’t Back Up with Facts.

This humorous collection follows the mother of three young girls as she navigates the often turbulent seas of motherhood. Whether she’s struggling to keep her family fed, debating about dolls, picking her battles with her kids’ teachers, or agonizing over a trip to the park, she tackles all of the myths, trends, and terrifying Internet studies that that tend to influence our decisions (and amplify our guilt) at moms. And, as she sets out to remind readers to take it all in stride, she (mostly) holds fast to her “whatever works” method of parenting.

After a long day of potty training, power struggles, giggles, hugs, and all of the other fun and not-so-fun experiences that come with being a mom, this funny-‘cuz-it’s-true collection is what every exhausted mama needs: a laugh-out-loud reminder that you’re not alone. While telling stories about her misadventures in parenting, Wilder-Taylor opens up about her own fears, frustrations, and shortcomings in a way that’s often both relatable and hilarious. Her laid-back attitude is refreshing—as is her amusingly sarcastic perspective on everything from health food to Barbie dolls.

Of course, despite encouraging readers to do whatever works best for their family, the author still has her share of strong opinions, which come out from time to time. And there’s a pretty good chance that, at some point, her comments might sting a bit. But if you’re able to take it all with a grain of salt, you’ll find plenty of laughs (and maybe even some valuable advice) in this entertaining little narrative.

Admittedly, some of the chapters are funnier than others—while some feel completely out of place. And if you tend to take things like organic snacks, extracurricular activities, children’s literature, and class mom duties very seriously, you’ll find Gummi Bears Should Not Be Organic to be offensive and annoying instead of clever and witty. But if you firmly believe in cupcakes, yoga pants, and checking your email while your kids play at the park, this book is almost as welcome as a pedicure and a relaxing soak in the tub—and significantly more obtainable.

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