Fixed in Blood Review
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Throughout her Justice series, author T. E. Woods has placed her characters in some pretty precarious situations, investigating cases that often affect them personally. But in the fourth book in the series, Fixed in Blood, an investigation hits closer to home than any of the characters realize.

Fixed in Blood follows Seattle Chief of Detectives Mort Grant as he tracks yet another ruthless killer. The body of a young woman is found discarded in a ravine—and Mort’s colleagues soon find evidence that the victim was the star of a snuff film. When the second body and the second film are discovered, Mort and his team must act quickly—before the killer turns his films into a popular franchise. And though Mort has distanced himself from psychologist and former vigilante Lydia Corriger, their paths cross once again as she arrives in Seattle, searching for a missing patient.

Fixed in Blood is yet another thrilling installment in a smart and suspenseful crime series. The story is loaded with twists and turns—as well as some devious (if not entirely convincing) misdirection—and the investigation takes the characters in all kinds of directions as they question everyone from film directors to shady businessmen. There are many layers—and many possibilities—to the case, but Woods handles it all in a way that feels almost effortless. And though the two main characters’ reunion may seem a little too coincidental, the tension and drama of the story make its minor flaws easy to overlook.

But Fixed in Blood is much more than just a simple, straightforward crime thriller. From the first book in the series, The Fixer, both Mort and Lydia have been intriguing characters—and, in developing them more with each new installment, Woods has created the kind of characters that keep readers coming back for more. They’re strong but flawed—each with plenty of baggage and regrets. And as they race to find the killer, fearing that Lydia’s patient could be his next victim, they have to deal with their own challenges and obstacles. Before she met Mort, Lydia would have simply taken matters into her own hands—and now she finds herself trying to find her client while staying (mostly) within the law. Mort, meanwhile, struggles to trust Lydia again after she let him down. And, at the same time, Mort’s personal life complicates matters even more as his troubled daughter, Allie, tries to reach out to a family that wants nothing to do with her.

Really, it’s the novel’s personal touches that make it such a gripping read. And when it all comes to an end, you’ll be eager to find out what’s next for these captivating characters.

With Fixed in Blood, Woods mixes solid characters with a fast-paced story—and the result is one of the best installments in the Justice series. If you’re new to the series, pick up The Fixer first—then be prepared to pick up the other books in the series, too.

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