Going Loud and Over a Cliff
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This edition of Stolen from the Headlines features concealed firearms, unwashed clothes, multiple charges, and a stray bathing suit.

Keep it Quiet
Originally reported by Huffington Post

Leon Thurston, 61, of Vero Beach, Florida, faces kidnapping charges after police say he abducted a neighbor at gunpoint because he felt she was making too much noise while washing her clothes, according to WESH TV.

Jessica and David Scoville were washing clothes in their laundry room at about 5:30 a.m. when Thurston, their next-door neighbor, appeared in the doorway and said they were being too loud. Thurston was carrying a handgun and a baton. He allegedly hit David Scoville with the baton twice before grabbing Jessica Scoville by the wrist and taking her from her home, according to WPBF TV.

Investigators were not able to find the pair, but Jessica Scoville later escaped after telling Thurston she needed to use a bathroom. She fled and flagged down police officers. The victim told police that Thurston took her to a nearby park and made her walk around a dirt track for a few hours while they spoke, WPTV reports.

Officers arrested Thurston and found a .22-caliber Derringer in his front pants pocket. The suspect was charged with armed burglary, aggravated battery and assault, kidnapping, false imprisonment, and carrying a concealed firearm.

In addition, he is suspected of stealing a bathing suit left on a clothesline, according to WPTV.com.

It sounds like Thurston had a busy weekend.

Riding Mower Blues
Originally reported by MyWay.com

A good Samaritan trying to help a New York man in distress turned out to be a bad Samaritan. The Wyoming County sheriff’s office says a man’s foot got stuck under his riding mower last week on a sloped lawn near an embankment in Genesee Falls.

Deputies say 31-year-old Christopher Ratcliffe heard his cries for help. Ratcliffe had stopped at a nearby gas station while driving back to Pennsylvania. Police say Ratcliffe tied a rope from his vehicle to the mower. But instead of backing up, Ratcliffe went forward, causing the trapped man, the mower, and Ratcliffe’s vehicle to go over the 12-foot-high embankment. The mower landed on the man, who had minor injuries.

Just another day in Genesee Falls.

He Drove Himself to the Police Station
Originally reported by My Way.com

A police blotter report states a man drove under the influence of alcohol to a small-town Kentucky police station, where he requested that officers arrest him.

The Kentucky New Era reports that 26-year-old Christopher L. Stewart drove to the station in Hopkinsville, near the Tennessee border, and slammed on his brakes, nearly hitting a police cruiser. The newspaper reports that Stewart approached officers and said he was ready to go to jail for DUI.

The paper says he told police he drank a pint before driving for the station. Police say Stewart also attempted to drink a closed bottle of fuel injector cleaning fluid, but officers stopped him. He was charged with driving under the influence.

Trying to drink fuel injector cleaning fluid would suggest Stewart was way under the influence.

What He Didn’t Learn in Driver’s Ed
Originally reported by AJC.com

A Utah man and his girlfriend had to call a taxi after they failed to steal a car because it was a stick shift.

Alexander Katz, 19, and his girlfriend hopped into the car but couldn’t figure out how to get away with it because of its manual transmission. Police found the car theft couple waiting outside a nearby convenience store for their cab. The female, a minor, was arrested immediately, while Katz took off on foot.

The Providence man didn’t elude police for long, though, after he was tracked down using details he left with the taxi company.

Katz does not appear to be a professional criminal.

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