Woman Fully Intended to Get Something Done
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CAIRO, GA Wendy Olsen left her office on time yesterday, planning to go straight home and spend the entire evening doing important household chores.

On her drive home, she realized that, if she was going to make herself dinner, she needed to stop at the grocery store to pick up some milk. But while she was there, she found a few other things that she needed to buy. So she picked up another $100 or so of groceries, chatted with a friend she ran into in the frozen foods section, and headed straight home.

Once at home, Olsen unpacked her groceries and reorganized her pantry in the process. Then, while trying to decide what to make herself for dinner, she flipped through her cookbooks. And the quiche she experimented with didnít turn out, so she just made herself some macaroni and cheese.

After she finished dinner, Olsen noticed that she had a lot of dishes in the sink. And she went to wash them, but she had run out of dish soap. So she went back to the store, stopped to chat with the old lady who was handing out samples of garden burgers, and got into the checkout lane.

While in line, she noticed that the headlines announced that a man had discovered a secret alien colony in Nebraska, so she had to pick up a copy of the paper and take it home.

When she got home, Olsen sat down to read the paper from cover to cover. Thatís when she remembered that she hadnít returned the movie that she had rented a few nights before, and she had to bring it back instead of tacking on more fees. So she left and dropped it off, stopping to get a Jamocha shake from Arbyís on the way home.

And by the time she got home, she was really tired. So she left her dishes in the sink, her floors un-vacuumed, her bills unpaid, and her house un-dusted, and she just went to bed instead.

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