Seventh Grave and No Body Review
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Unabridged Audiobook: 9 CDs (10 1/2 hours)
Read by Lorelei King

When you head out on a long road trip, it’s nice to have an audiobook along to pass the time—something that’s fast-paced and attention-grabbing yet light and entertaining. The Charley Davidson series of supernatural rom-coms by author Darynda Jones ticks all of those boxes—and Seventh Grave and No Body is no exception.

The story finds private investigator and grim reaper Charley Davidson on the run from twelve deadly, otherworldly beasts that have been sent to destroy her. But that’s just the beginning of her problems. Not only is she trying to track down her missing father, but she’s also been hired to help with a case involving an increasing number of people who have gone missing after leaving suicide notes behind. And, as if that weren’t bad enough, her gorgeous fiancé, Reyes, has attracted the attention of a pretty (and persistent) news reporter—and, for the first time, Charley finds herself suffering from a serious case of jealousy.

If you’ve read (or listened to) any of the previous six installments in the Charley Davidson series, you already know exactly what to expect from the seventh. There’s never a dull moment here, as multiple plotlines continue to pile on top of one another, mixing mystery, comedy, romance, and supernatural action in just the right proportions. There’s so much going on—so many different mysteries to solve, so many different characters to deal with—yet, despite the supernatural battles that rage on around Charley, Jones keeps the tone light and fun. Thanks to the sarcastic heroine and her tendency toward one-liners, the story never gets too heavy. And even if you get caught up in navigating highway traffic and miss a detail or two, you’ll have no problem keeping up.

Meanwhile, with each new book in the series, the suspense builds and the stakes get even higher. Charley finds herself caught in the middle of an escalating battle between heaven and hell—and while her loyal army of friends, family members, escaped demons, gifted ghosts, and a few annoying hangers-on continues to grow, so does their enemies’ resolve. As Charley learns more about herself—about her powers, her abilities, and her place in the supernatural hierarchy—it’s clear that the series is building to something big. And once this seventh book in the series comes to its riveting conclusion, you’ll be eager to see how it all plays out in the next installment.

With its unconventional blend of mystery, romantic comedy, and supernatural thrills, the Charley Davidson series is far from the same old chick lit—and with each new installment, the series seems to get more crowded and more entertaining. Charley’s fans will love Seventh Grave and No Body—but if you’re new to the series, it’s best to start from the beginning.

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