Kiss of the Silver Wolf
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Pages: 124
Goes Well With: Apple pies, apple cakes, candied apples, and a glass of wine, of course

When it’s a choice between “death by tedium” and chasing down genies before they can be used as weapons of mass destruction, it’s obvious which path Eliana will take. So now she works for Homeland Security, heading a band of newbie soldiers on a dangerous expedition through the Appalachians.

Meanwhile, Charlene cares for her wheelchair-bound brother and mourns the loss of her parents. She finds bad boy Zack—from Eden, Kentucky—gloriously enticing. Sadly, Charlene’s mother warned her never to go to Eden, so he’s out of bounds, of course.

Kiss of the Silver Wolf switches from the curious science of genetic laboratories to duty and order in the army to loving families and hometown neighborhoods as the story progresses. Meanwhile, Charlene struggles to care for her brother, Eliana struggles to find allies, and Zack faces the needs of a growing werewolf.

Ah... but Zach’s scent, his muscles, his “luscious lower lip” are all working a special kind of magic on his intended. Charlene knows that the answers to her questions lie close, and love is in the air.

Author Sharon Buchbinder blends a nice sense of confusion with sensual temptation and powerful scenes of arousal in this short novella. Add a few sprinkled hints from the Bible and the Koran plus an intriguing touch of Hebrew mysticism, mix gently, and enjoy the read.

Soon, Charlene—determined, individual, and strong—will learn that you don’t have to lose your identity when you fall in love, when you’re felled by evil, or even when the moon is full. It makes for an enjoyable and wise reminder to stay true to ourselves—even if evil moons don't often affect our ordinary lives—and it adds depth to a story that’s sensually romantic, enticingly mysterious, and evocatively paranormal.

The author has an unobtrusive writing style with good timing and wise principles. Bedroom scenes are detailed without being overly graphic, and family values are pleasingly threaded with loyalty throughout. Kiss of the Silver Wolf is a rewarding short read, maybe deserving two lunchtimes rather than one, but only if you can put it down. I couldn’t.

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