Battle of the Bands to Air on Pay-Per-View
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ATLANTA, GA Pay-per-view operators are already taking orders for next month’s big event: the Battle of the Bands. The initial concept for the show began over a year ago, when one of the network’s burned-out creative guys pitched the idea of holding a live new band competition as an alternative to the usual boxing and wrestling.

The executives at the network thought that it was a stupid idea for a boring show, and the man who had proposed it was promptly fired.

Over the past year, however, the idea has grown and mutated into what is now being advertised as “the most violent thing to hit the music industry since that big angry drunk guy whose girlfriend left him for the drummer.” Realizing that wrestling and boxing bring in the top dollars because of viewers’ deep-seated need to watch other people beating the living daylights out of one another, pay-per-view producers decided that the show could, in fact, be a success—if there were enough blood involved.

So the battle of the bands that people will be paying to watch in the comfort of their own homes will be unlike anything they’ve ever seen. The show will feature five bands (which have not yet been announced) competing against one another for a title and a large sum of money. On this show, however, anything goes. Messing with equipment, poisoning drinks, and all-out physical violence are expected.

“We’ve chosen the most unprofessional, immature, ultra-competitive bands around the country for our show,” says producer Flip Johansen. “We’re bringing all the fun of a good bar brawl to the homes of our viewers—and they won’t even have to worry about ducking to avoid flying beer bottles or a stray swinging guitar.”

Pay-per-view is also considering making their battle of the bands an ongoing feature on their network. They believe that adding a bit more scripting and drama could possibly make it the WWE of the music industry.

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