Blood Sky (After, Book 4) Review
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In Blood Sky, the fourth book in author Traci L. Slatton’s After series, the killing mists are still hovering around, looking for anything to destroy, though there isn’t much left of the world. Life has reverted back to medieval times, when every man and woman is for him or herself and survival is never a given.

Emma Anderson finds herself in a heart-wrenching position, forced to choose between Arthur and saving the world. Susie, a young girl whom Emma rescued from the mad Russian, Alexei, needs to combine forces with a girl in France named Caris. Together, they can destroy the mists, and the world can begin to rebuild.

Arthur believes that he and Susie can control the mists, but Emma thinks he’s unbalanced. The mists cannot be controlled. So she leaves him unconscious and flees with Susie and a small band of loyal friends to hunt for a plane and a pilot to fly them across the ocean.

With Arthur and Alexei—who has his own insane agenda—on her trail, Emma fights to keep her friends safe on a dangerous road. And once she reaches Outpost City, her skill at a poker game will determine everyone’s fate.

I love revisiting these characters in each new book in the After series. Emma is a true portrayal of a person with flaws and a good heart. Susie is abrasive, but she’s exactly what you would expect from a girl who had been repeatedly raped by a gang of marauders. And Arthur is a man in love. He’ll do what it takes to get through to Emma, which will endear him to your heart, even though he may be wrong about the mists he created.

I also love how Ms. Slatton puts her characters in the most anguishing situations that are unique to each one—and you’ll love them enough to pray fervently that they’ll make it through. As I read, I often found myself thinking, Oh, no, she didn’t just do that to her characters, did she? Your whole heart will get involved.

Blood Sky is a thrilling and engaging addition to the After series, as the stakes are raised and the hope for an end to the mists seems to be within reach. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this series, and I look forward to the next—the saga isn’t over yet!

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