Lord of the Wings Review
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She may live in a small town, but blacksmith and part-time sleuth Meg Langslow has a way of getting herself caught up in crime and chaos time and time again. In the Halloween-themed whodunit Lord of the Wings, author Donna Andrews’s beloved heroine guards the streets as gamers, vampires, and a killer lurk around town.

The story finds Meg heading up the Goblin Patrol during a week of Halloween festivities in Caerphilly, Virginia. By day, the town’s residents roam the streets in costume, offering up baked goods and family-friendly entertainment to the bands of tourists who’ve arrived in droves. But, by night, the activities turn darker and more sinister, as the tourists flock to the haunted house run by former medical examiner turned vampire enthusiast Dr. Smoot. It isn’t long before the pranks begin—and when a body is discovered outside Meg’s grandfather’s zoo, Meg and her team race to find the killer before he can ruin all of the town’s spooky fun.

Andrews crams her nineteenth Meg Langslow mystery with all of the quirky action and humor that fans have come to expect. Lord of the Wings is pleasantly chaotic, loaded with characters, committees, family connections, and an assortment of crimes: pranks, break-ins, robberies, disappearances, and, of course, murder. But while it may seem like a tangle of storylines for readers to try to unravel, the ongoing pandemonium keeps it entertaining. And it’s all so much fun that it never feels too complex or overwhelming.

Caerphilly is just a charming little town populated with lovably eccentric characters—from the soft-spoken heavy metal superstar to the lisping vampire who runs (and lives in) the haunted house. Dress them up like wizards, zombies, and Star Wars characters—and fill the city streets with wandering tourists—and you’ve got one crazy, costumed collection of troublemakers, misfits, and maybe even a few innocent bystanders. Even Meg’s precocious twin boys get in on the Halloween festivities—and though they don’t play a major part in the story, they do add their own touches of humor.

Granted, the mystery itself isn’t entirely solid. The plot seems to have some nagging little issues, and the killer’s motives don’t seem to justify multiple murders. But those are just minor distractions in an otherwise fun-filled Halloween adventure.

Whether you’re a loyal reader or a series newcomer, you’ll enjoy following Meg on this humorous holiday-themed mystery. It may not be especially scary, but it’s a wildly entertaining way to spend your Halloween.

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