Mutation Z: Protecting Our Own Review
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In the third installment of the Mutation Z series (following Closing the Borders), the Mutation Z problem moves toward a crisis point. Zombies roam the countryside along the Mexico/Texas border, killing at whim and infecting those who survive.

Clay Dixon kills his first zombie—but not before it infects his daughter, Hannah. His hatred for the zombies grows until he’s consumed by anger and the need to kill every zombie that crosses his path. He doesn’t care if a cure can be discovered; he’s out to rid the world of the foul creatures who were once humans.

Journalist Hunter Morgan returns to New York and to his very sick daughter, Sophie. His only focus is to find some way to find a cure for her sickness—a sickness that he might have brought back with him from West Africa. He’ll stop at nothing and do what he has to do to save her.

The plot heats up and grows more perilous in Mutation Z: Protecting Our Own. Tragedy strikes and leaves you reeling from all the chaos.

At times, though, the plot moves fast in a bad way: with too much narrative and not much dialogue from the characters. The story feels rushed, and characterization suffers somewhat. However, it will still hold your interest and pull you deeper into the story. Near the end of this installment, lives are broken, and questions remain unanswered—and you’re going to want to know what happens next.

The Mutation Z Series is a unique and attention-grabbing zombie tale that’s well worth your time to read. These short novels can be read in under an hour and will entertain you if you’re stuck waiting somewhere. And the best news is each novella can be downloaded right to the Kindle app on your phone. So grab a copy of each and enjoy!

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