Fixed in Fear Review
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In her series debut, The Fixer, author T. E. Woods introduced a different kind of assassin: one who made up for the legal system’s failings. And the fifth Justice novel, Fixed in Fear, finds the Fixer rethinking her retirement—especially if it means helping a good friend.

The story reunites us with Seattle Chief of Detectives Mort Grant as he’s asked to assist on a chilling murder case. Mort’s best friend, Larry, has been haunted by his wife’s murder for 25 years, and now her beloved uncle has been murdered, too. But as Mort joins the investigation, he finds himself caught up in a more terrifying situation. His daughter, Allie, has returned to Seattle, trying to reconnect with her family—specifically her twin nieces. And it’s up to Mort—and his good friend, Lydia—to protect his family from the headstrong girl who’s become a ruthless crime boss.

What started out as a smart thriller about one woman’s quest for justice has grown into a captivating series about crime, vengeance, and family. In one fast-paced novel, Woods takes on a number of stories: a murder investigation that digs up memories of the past, Mort’s escalating family drama, Lydia’s desire to protect her friend and his family, and the continuing story of Allie’s growing criminal empire.

There’s a lot going on here, which means that none of the various storylines are developed in great detail—but they don’t really seem to be lacking anything, either. That’s partly due to the series format—because, with each new installment in the series, readers learn more about the characters and their stories. Each new book is able to build on the last—to introduce another murder investigation while continuing the saga of Allie’s rise to power and her attempts to reach out to her family.

Woods fills her stories with personal touches—murder cases that hit close to home, a crime boss in the family—and that’s what makes this series such a fascinating one. Fixed in Fear continues to focus on the personal aspects, telling stories that touch the characters’ lives in ways that are both dangerous and heartbreaking. The murder mystery may be written in a way that offers some pretty strong hints about the outcome, but because of its effect on Mort’s good friend, it’s still a gripping read. And the ongoing story involving Mort’s family—complete with its secrets, lies, cover-ups, and gray areas—continues to grow and evolve into something that readers will want to continue exploring.

Fixed in Fear is yet another thrilling installment in the Justice series—a series that’s only becoming more intriguing with each new release. And this latest novel, complete with its cliffhanger of a conclusion, is sure to have you anxiously awaiting the Fixer’s next adventure.

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