Child Fascinated by Christmas Presents
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GRAVITY, IA Danny Hanson’s second Christmas was the best yet. After all, last year, he was just a kid. He had no idea how much fun Christmas could really be. This year, though, he knew what was going on.

For weeks, he saw the brightly-colored packages under the Christmas tree. All the bows and ribbons and paper. For weeks, Danny had been getting into trouble for opening packages—and he had learned to sneak into the living room when no one was watching. And that was exciting for him, but he had no idea what kind of excitement was yet to come.

And then the Christmas parties began. Danny got to rip open packages without getting yelled at. All of the packages. There were bows and ribbons everywhere. And paper that needed ripping.

And it was a good thing that Danny was there. Because no one would have been able to get their presents open if it weren’t for Danny. Everyone needed his help.

Danny was a busy little man—running from Grandpa to Grandma to Mom to Dad to Uncle Doug to Aunt Sarah. They all needed help.

And sometimes he got to open presents that were just for him. That was the most exciting part. Because people giggled and took pictures as he ripped the paper off and screeched in excitement. And inside each present was the coolest thing ever: a box! Something to climb on. And in. And around. Danny could hardly contain his excitement! Boxes!

And after he unwrapped one, he’d set it aside and run to the next present to open. He’d play with his boxes later.

Though Danny’s parents tell him that there’s more excitement to come, when Santa comes to his house to put presents in his stocking, he doesn’t even care anymore. After days of ripping paper and playing in boxes, he’s the happiest little boy in the world.

Danny’s parents are now looking forward to future birthdays and holidays. They realize that—from now on—they’ll save a considerable amount of money on presents by presenting Danny with colorfully-wrapped empty boxes.

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