I Love You
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Pages: 51
Goes Well With:
Hospital cafeteria food and strong coffee

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, The Wild Rose Press is releasing the new Candy Hearts Romance series—a collection of short (lunch-break-worthy) e-books inspired by the sayings on those sugary candy hearts. For her installment in the series, author Brandy Wilson took one of the most generic sayings—I Love You—and turned it into an entertaining romance about biker bars and love at first sight.

I Love You begins as ER doctor Dace Robinson shows up at a biker bar one night in need of a working phone and a tow truck for her broken-down car. That’s where she meets bar owner Tate Campbell, who’s surprised to find himself instantly attracted to this frazzled woman in hospital scrubs. Tate helps Dace with her car, but just as he’s asking her out for coffee, trouble arrives at the bar—and the looming danger quickly brings the two of them closer together.

I Love You is a classic opposites-attract love story, featuring two characters from completely different worlds who find themselves thrown together late one night. Tate is the ruggedly handsome bar owner who’s never felt the need to commit to more than just a one-night stand. Dace is a smart, hard-working doctor who doesn’t have enough time to do her laundry—much less to build and maintain a relationship. But then one unlikely encounter in a bar changes everything. And as the two of them deal with obstacles, threats, and even a sudden crisis together, they find the instant attraction that they once felt growing into something much greater.

Of course, as with any super-short romance, the development is abbreviated and the relationship is condensed—which gives the story a few small bumps and glitches (and an awkward line or two) along the way. But Wilson still manages to give this short novel just about everything that you’d want from a quick, light read: action, drama, and plenty of steamy romance, too. The characters are likable—albeit somewhat stereotypical—and the growing tension of the story helps to keep things moving along at a good pace. And the result is an entertaining—and somewhat spicy—lunch break read.

If you happen to be a hard-working woman who doesn’t even have the time to leave the office for lunch, I Love You is a short romance written just for you. Download a copy for some quick lunchtime entertainment, and you may find yourself picking up more installments in the Candy Hearts Romance series for more February reading.

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