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There once was a time when comic book superheroes were strictly for kids—when their movies were playful and silly and generally cartoonish. Lately, though, superhero movies have become serious business, often losing sight of their fun-filled roots. But that’s not the case with Deadpool—because while it may be dark and violent (and definitely not for kids), it’s anything but serious.

Deadpool stars Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson, a lovable thug for hire who’s finally ready to settle down with the girl of his dreams, Vanessa (Morena Baccarin), when he discovers that he’s terminally ill. A mysterious man offers him a cure that will also give him superhuman abilities, and he eventually accepts—but the process leaves him disfigured and seriously angry. Desperate for revenge, he dons a red costume, takes the name Deadpool, and sets out to find the man who turned him into a freak, hoping that he’ll be able to fix his face and return to Vanessa.

If you’re tired of somber superheroes and their tendency to take everything a little too seriously, then Deadpool is sure to be your new favorite superhero movie. From the hilarious opening credits of this unconventional adventure, it’s clear that there’s nothing serious about it—aside from the surprisingly heartfelt setup, that is. While this lovable anti-hero may have a dramatic origin story, though, even that is often handled in unexpected ways, surrounding the occasional moments of romance and drama with all kinds of irreverent humor. And everything else here is over-the-top and delightfully self-aware, gleefully shattering the fourth wall whenever possible.

Deadpool is definitely an uncommon superhero. While others are teaming up to protect humanity, he has no interest in being a hero—no matter how much effort the X-Men may put into trying to convince him otherwise. He doesn’t want to save the world or fight for the little guy. He just wants to get his revenge and get his life back. While he may be angry and brooding, he’s also foul-mouthed and sarcastic—with all of the attitude of Iron Man, but not the same self-satisfied swagger. And his background as a mercenary means that he isn’t averse to extreme violence. In fact, he encourages it. And there’s just something about the intense fight sequences and the hero’s devil-may-care attitude that makes Deadpool a refreshing twist on the same old superhero thriller.

Of course, if you’re serious about superheroes—or you expect these superhuman beings to be clean, sober role models—then this wildly irreverent thrill-ride isn’t for you. But if you’re ready for a different kind of hero (and you’re not easily offended), don’t miss this one.

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