Heart of a Hunter
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Pages: 34
Goes Well With: A plate of light, sweet pastries and a cup of strong, dark coffee

It seems that most of the Lunch Break E-books that I cover are light romances. They’re warm and fuzzy and easy-going. But there’s nothing especially warm and fuzzy about the paranormal action of Heart of a Hunter by author Tamela Miles.

This first book in the Hell on Heels series introduces Elle Connor, a teenager who flees her troubled home life by taking to the streets and seedy biker bars of Los Angeles. She’s always been able to protect herself with her surprising strength, but it isn’t until she meets a guardian angel named Tagas that she discovers that she was given that strength for a reason: to hunt demons. Once she begins her training, though, she discovers that being a demon hunter comes with a price.

In this short paranormal debut, Miles sets the stage for an action-packed series of super-short demon-hunting adventures. At just 34 pages in length, Heart of a Hunter isn’t able to get too in-depth by developing strong, layered characters or complex relationships. It doesn’t even have a lot of time to spend on Elle’s first real battle as a hunter in training. But it’s still an attention-grabbing introduction to Elle’s story.

At the same time, the light development will actually benefit those who (like me) don’t usually read paranormal thrillers. There aren’t any complicated paranormal hierarchies of angels and demons—or made-up worlds filled with strange creatures with strange names. Perhaps that will come with time—or maybe not. But, either way, the first book in the series gives readers a rather simple, straightforward introduction—one that will help newcomers settle into Elle’s world.

Elle, meanwhile, is a likable heroine—a tough but lonely girl who’s had a rough childhood. Her parents pay more attention to their liquor cabinet than they do to their daughter, which means that Elle has had to fend for herself. And while her strength has gotten her through, she’s also vulnerable—and desperate for friendship and love. And it will be interesting to see where her journey takes her next.

On its own, Heart of a Hunter isn’t necessarily an unforgettable short read—because it doesn’t have the space to develop a truly memorable story. But it’s an interesting novel with a promising main character—and that makes it the first installment in what could be an enjoyable series.

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