Shivers!: The Pirate Who’s Afraid of Everything Review
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Runtime: 2 hours, 20 minutes
Read by Connor White

Kids tend to love stories about pirates—about brave and daring characters who set sail on the Seven Seas in search of action, adventure, and treasure. But the main character in the audio edition of author Annabeth Bondor-Stone’s Shivers!: The Pirate Who’s Afraid of Everything, isn’t your typical pirate.

The story introduces readers to Shivers, a timid young pirate who lives in a beached old ship with his closest pal, Albee the fish. Shivers spends his time doing a lot un-pirate-like things until he receives a note from his parents asking for his help. During a great pirate adventure, his parents were captured—and, while trying to help them, his brave older brother, Brock, was captured, too. So now it’s up to Shivers and his adventure-loving new best friend, Margo, to battle sea-sickness, cruise ship passengers, and a giant squid on their journey to rescue Shivers’s family.

Shivers! is a fun-filled audio adventure, following a couple of cute characters on a wild and wacky quest. The story may be pretty simple, but it’s all so imaginative—and so very silly (with a perfectly over-the-top narration to match)—that it’s guaranteed to make even grown-up listeners chuckle out loud from time to time.

Shivers could have been an annoying character—a kid who shrieks and whines his way through the least terrifying tasks. But there’s something about him that’s entirely endearing. Maybe it’s because his fears are so ridiculous—like his fear of snails or his refusal to use a spoon. Maybe it’s because there’s so much going on around him that there’s no time to focus on his screaming. Or maybe it’s because Margo balances him out so well with her level-headed fearlessness and her love of danger. Whatever the case, though, these two drastically different seafaring buddies make a great team—one that kids will be eager to follow on more adventures.

Of course, this quirky kids’ novel isn’t just about the silliness; there’s a point to the adventures, too. And, in the end, there’s a valuable (yet subtle) lesson to be learned here: that being brave doesn’t mean you’re not afraid; it means that you stand up to face your fears.

It doesn’t matter if your kids are bold and daring or timid like Shivers; they’re sure to enjoy this totally silly pirate adventure. So whether your next adventures take you to sea, to Grandma’s house, or to the grocery store, take this audiobook along. It’s sure to keep the kids entertained (and you might just enjoy it, too).

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