Let’s Eat Out Next Time
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This edition of Stolen from the Headlines covers a spat before breakfast, a missing wedding band, a disappearing bride, and a snake that went along for the ride.

Doughnut Run
Originally reported by MyWabashValley.Com News

A woman is in jail after police found her husband bleeding from a stab wound in his chest. The man told police he had gone to pick up doughnuts for his wife, Michelle Nelson, 37, but the store didn’t have the right doughnuts. When he returned home without doughnuts, Nelson reportedly “got upset at him for not knowing what else she liked.”

The man told police that the argument escalated and when he tried to leave the home, Nelson allegedly blocked the door and the man pushed her out of the way. That’s when she reportedly lunged at her husband while holding a grill fork, stabbing the man.

The man told police he pulled the fork out of his chest and left the home. Nelson allegedly followed him out the door and continued yelling at him.

Sounds like her sugar was a quart low.

California Story
Originally reported by United Press International

A Florida woman, Joanna Horowitz, connected with a stranger in California to help recover her husband’s missing wedding ring.

“My husband lost his wedding ring a week ago in California. The other night he was really upset about it,” she wrote. “Out of desperation, I went on Craigslist LA to ‘lost and found’ and found a guy who advertises his metal detecting services.”

Horowitz helped direct the man to the ring’s possible location and returned the ring within 12 hours in an act that she claimed “will restore your faith in humanity.”

Horowitz also thanked a man, named Mario from Muscle Beach, whom she said unsuccessfully searched for the ring when she called before turning to Craigslist.

We’re stunned that Mario from Muscle Beach didn’t fill the bill.

You’re in the Jailhouse Now
Originally reported by United Press International

A Chinese groom may be in the doghouse after he failed to notice his bride falling off the back of his electric scooter.

The video, posted to Facebook by the state-run People’s Daily newspaper, shows the bride sitting side-saddle on the back of an electric scooter being driven by her groom. The scooter goes over a speed bump and bucks the bride off the back of the bike. Bystanders then stop to help the woman get to her feet as her husband continues to ride off into the distance.

The groom later said he did notice that his scooter was handling differently.

Riding the Rails
Originally reported by United Press International

Australian police said a three-foot jungle python named Bread was seized from a train passenger who pulled the serpent out of his backpack to show fellow passengers.

“A number of passengers were concerned for the welfare of the snake and contacted police,” the post said.

Police caught up with the man at Woy Woy Railway Station and determined that he did not have a permit for the python.

“If you put yourself in the shoes of someone who has a fear of snakes, that would be a terrifying situation,” police Superintendent Danny Sullivan told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. “If I could give one piece of advice: don’t get your snake out on a train.”

Excellent advice from Down Under: this has been your Woy Woy Railway news.

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