The Good Spy Dies Twice (Bullseye #1) Review
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Sometimes it seems as though real, hard-hitting journalism has faded away, replaced by social media, viral videos and celebrity gossip. But The Good Spy Dies Twice, the first book in author Mark Hosack’s new spy series, finds a retired journalist compelled to dig for the truth.

The story follows disgraced journalist Jake Boxer and his new bride on their honeymoon at a remote Alaskan ski resort. Years ago, Jake was the host of a news show called Bullseye—a popular show with a reputation for digging into conspiracy theories. But after the show’s soundman was killed for digging a little too deep, sending Jake into a very public breakdown, the show went off the air. Now, Jake is starting a new life with his new wife and a new career when the case that killed his friend comes back to haunt him, pulling him out of retirement in the process.

Part mystery and part Cold War spy thriller, The Good Spy Dies Twice is a twisting, turning adventure that’s sure to have readers questioning what’s real and what’s just paranoia. During his days hosting Bullseye, Jake was known for digging into some pretty wild conspiracies. Add to that his on-air meltdown, his years of treatments, and the effects of the pain medication that he ends up taking for a calamity on the ski lift, and readers will question the things he hears, sees, and suspects right along with the other characters. It often seems too wild to be true—and not all of the details come together perfectly—but that’s all just a part of the fun. Jake’s story is a fast-paced haze of schemes and obsessions and old wounds that have never really healed—and the result is an enjoyably perplexing thriller.

From the beginning, it tells an interesting story—combining action and conspiracies and the secrets and lies of the world of spies. But as it builds to its conclusion—as Jake and a handful of other guests at the resort search for answers while fighting for their lives—it’s almost impossible to stop reading (no matter how long past your bedtime it may be). And though this first installment may not come to an entirely satisfying conclusion, it develops characters and conflicts that promise more adventure and suspense to come.

If you enjoy the suspicions and suspense of an old spy thriller, you’ll enjoy this modern-day take in The Good Spy Dies Twice. This first installment may not be flawless, but once the story is set, you’ll be eager to get your hands on the next book in the series.

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