Wishful Drinking Review
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With Carrie Fisher’s sudden death in December of 2016, the beloved actress and writer left behind her daughter, Billie, her lovable bulldog, Gary, and millions of heartbroken fans. But her spirit—and her voice—still live on in the audio edition of her quirky memoir, Wishful Drinking.

The story was published in 2008 and set just after Fisher underwent three weeks of electroshock treatment at the age of 52. After the treatments brought back many long-forgotten memories, she found herself compelled to reflect on her life. So, here, she looks back on her bizarre childhood as the daughter of a Hollywood icon and a classic crooner—a childhood that caused her to struggle with reality. She recalls the years of battling addictions and bipolar disorder. And she examines the events that shaped both her career and her troubled (and too-short) life.

From the opening minutes of this audiobook, listeners will be absolutely captivated—and totally amused, too. Fisher was a natural storyteller—one with some remarkable stories to tell. After all, when most of us were making friends at the park, she was caught up in the middle of one of Hollywood’s biggest scandals. When the rest of us were making our way through our awkward teen years, she was part of the chorus line of one of her mother’s shows. When many of us were eating ramen noodles in our dorm room, she was playing an intergalactic princess in one of Hollywood’s most beloved franchises. From her widely-publicized family drama to her legendary career to her battles with addiction and bipolar disorder, there’s plenty of material to cover.

Of course, no one could tell these stories quite like Carrie herself—so she narrated the book, too. Her narration is fittingly self-deprecating, and she makes sure that the craziness of it all is often endearingly over-emphasized as she shouts and chuckles her way through these unbelievable anecdotes. There are so many stories to tell here—and she holds nothing back as she relates each one with a little bit of heart and a whole lot of hilarity. And the result is an often wildly entertaining audiobook that’s loaded with the kind of craziness that could only come out of Hollywood.

You don’t have to be a Star Wars fan—or even a Carrie Fisher fan—to enjoy this witty memoir. But if you’re still mourning the loss of this Hollywood princess, you can revisit her over and over again in Wishful Drinking.

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