Aaronís Blood Review
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When you become a parent, you suddenly realize that your world no longer revolves around you; it revolves around your child. Thereís nothing you wonít do for your child. So in the thriller Aaronís Blood, when a father is faced with a horrifying situation, he sets out to do whatever he can to care for his child.

Aaronís Blood tells the story of devoted single dad Aaron (James Martinez), who struggles to care for his quiet 12-year-old son, Tate (Trevor Stovall), whoís still grieving the loss of his mother. Bullied at school, Tate eventually decides to fight back. Because heís a hemophiliac, though, one small fight at school lands him in critical condition in the hospital. When Tate makes a miraculous recovery, Aaron is relievedóuntil Tate starts acting strangely. And he soon starts to fear that the blood Tate received in the hospital wasnít normal blood; it was vampire blood.

Chilling and mysterious and often surprisingly dramatic, Aaronís Blood isnít really the typical vampire movie. Sure, it has a few bloody moments, courtesy of the blood-thirsty pre-teen. And Aaronís quest to save Tate can sometimes get a little violent. But, really, the film isnít especially terrifying.

Admittedly, Stovallís performance as Tate is rather blandóbut he doesnít have a whole lot to work with. After all, the most compelling story here is actually Aaronís. This devoted dad has already faced so much with his son. Heís dealt with Tateís health issues, and heís done his best to help them both through their grief. Then, after nearly losing his son, he faces yet another insurmountable challenge: Tateís transformation into a vampire. And that possibility is just too much for him to accept.

It would be easy for all of this to come off as melodramatic or just plain corny, but Martinez sells it remarkably well. This isnít just another cheesy vampire movie; itís the story of a father who will do absolutely anything to save his son from the sickness thatís gradually taking over him. Fearing what Tate will become, he sets out to find any way to stop itóand he goes to some pretty serious extremes along the way. But any parent will understand the lengths heís willing to go to protect his son.

If youíre looking for vampire action and gore, youíll probably be disappointed by Aaronís Bloodóbecause it isnít an especially horrifying horror movie. But you may be surprised by the emotional story of a fatherís desperation to protect his child.

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