Despicable Me 3 Review
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In 2010, Illumination Entertainment made a huge splash with its debut animated feature, Despicable Me. Since then, Gru and his gang have definitely experienced their share of ups and downs. But with Despicable Me 3, the franchise returns to the same quirkiness and charm of the original.

Despicable Me 3 finds Gru and Lucy (voiced by Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig) suddenly without their secret agent jobs after failing to capture ‘80s child star turned tacky villain Balthazar “Evil” Bratt (Trey Parker). Just as they’re contemplating their next moves, though, they discover that Gru has a twin brother that he’s never met. They’re whisked off to meet Dru, a perkier and hairier version of Gru—who desperately wants his twin to teach him the art of villainy. And that gives Gru the perfect opportunity to take down Bratt once and for all.

With its lovably curmudgeonly main character, its wacky sidekicks, and its adorable little girls thrown into the mix, Despicable Me was part wacky action-comedy and part heartwarming family dramedy. The sequel was a little spastic, and the spinoff was just unfortunate. But the third film once again features the kind of action, eccentricity, and cute characters that made the franchise such a huge hit.

Gru’s story has definitely gone through some changes through the years—and his transition from villain to conflicted hero still seems a little strange. But the writers have found a way to keep Gru as cranky as ever while allowing him to continue his wacky, action-packed adventures—even though he’s now working for the other side. The addition of a twin brother he never knew existed—while another strange twist to the story—brings a kooky new character to the franchise, along with some new plot possibilities, too. And, somehow, Dru manages to make typically bumbling Gru look like a cool action hero.

Granted, it’s all still a little spastic. It’s filled with characters and plotlines and side adventures—from Lucy’s struggle with her new role as the girls’ mother to little Agnes’s quest to find a real, live unicorn to the Minions’ own bizarre journey. But all of the interwoven storylines are handled surprisingly well, balancing sweetness and silliness in just the right amounts. Back in their supporting role, the Minions are once again wildly funny. The girls are as delightful as ever. And, together, the parts all come together to make for a fun-filled adventure for the family.

If you enjoyed the super-villain silliness of the original Despicable Me, you’ll be relieved to find more of the same in Despicable Me 3. It probably isn’t the most sophisticated family film you’ll see this year, but it’s cute and quirky and loaded with the kind of comic action that the kids will love.

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