13 Dates Review
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Falling in love can be a complicated thing. It’s usually a mess of emotions and baggage, embarrassment and insecurity. So in 13 Dates by author Matt Dunn, one man devises a plan to convince the woman of his dreams that they belong together.

The story begins about as awkwardly as a romance could. Noah Wilson is on his way to a blind date when he runs into Starbucks to use the bathroom. Feeling guilty about not buying anything, he gets in line to order a coffee. And that’s where he meets Angel Fallon, a beautiful, eccentric, opinionated woman who’s unlike anyone he’s dated before. His friend Marlon read somewhere that it takes 13 dates to fall in love, and Noah decides to test the theory—so he sets out to find Angel back and make her fall for him.

13 Dates is a charming—and sometimes laugh-out-loud—look at the things we’ll do for love. Convinced that Angel is the right woman for him, Noah follows the clues to track her down. He hangs out at Starbucks and joins a weekly running group to see if she’ll show up. And when he does finally find her, he goes out of his way to plan the kind of wildly creative dates that she’ll agree to—no matter how uncomfortable they may make him—so he’ll get to spend more time with her. His earnestness is endearing—and, like Angel, readers will find it hard not to fall in love with this adorably awkward but absolutely determined character.

Angel, meanwhile, is Noah’s exact opposite. While he dreams of falling in love and getting married and starting a family, she’s a free spirit who lives for new adventures and avoids relationships at all costs. As Noah works to convince her that he’s worth her time and attention—and possibly even the rest of her life—the reason for her hesitation eventually comes out. And that’s where the reality hits this fluffy, fun-filled rom-com. After all, in real life, falling in love and staying together require more than simply getting beyond some minor misunderstandings and differences of opinion—and Noah soon discovers that he and Angel have some serious issues to address and obstacles to overcome. While the story here never gets too heavy, it will definitely make readers stop and think about what they’re willing to sacrifice for the person they love.

Light and entertaining yet sometimes thought-provoking, too, 13 Dates may not be the most realistic love story, but it’s certainly a sweet and charming (and just plain fun) one. You’re sure to fall in love with the lovably eccentric characters and their unconventional road to romance.

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