Confessions of a Domestic Failure Review
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Unabridged Digital Audiobook
Runtime: 9 hours, 7 minutes
Read by Tara Sands

Author and mom Bunmi Laditan has been regularly entertaining frazzled moms and dads on social media as the voice behind The Honest Toddler. But now, with the audio edition of Confessions of a Domestic Failure, she takes her experiences as a mom and turns them into a totally relatable work of fiction.

The story follows the motherhood adventures of Ashley Keller, stay-at-home mom to infant daughter Aubrey. The former career girl has discovered that being a mom is hard. Her house is a mess, she hasn’t changed her pants in days, and she feels completely alone. So when she has a chance to take part in the Motherhood Better Boot Camp sponsored by famous mom blogger and TV host Emily Walker, she’s eager for the opportunity to improve her mothering skills. But, in reality, it only makes her feel worse.

Anyone who’s seen Laditan’s Honest Toddler posts knows that she gets it. She gets what it’s like to be a tired, overwhelmed mom who depends on large quantities of caffeine for survival. She knows what it’s like to be one episode of Bubble Guppies away from a total nervous breakdown—to feel like, no matter how hard you try and how much you give, it’s never enough. And she channels all of that into poor Ashley Keller—a lovably muddled woman who will be instantly recognizable to the average mom. Ashley carries the weight of all of our shortcomings and insecurities—and she does it all in a way that’s thoughtful and clever and funny because it’s oh-so-true.

The story here isn’t especially focused. The Motherhood Better challenge doesn’t get the attention that you might expect for a major nationally publicized competition run by a well-known personality—but it does guide some of the action. Some of Ashley’s adventures along the way also seem a little random. But, whether the next chapter brings over-the-top mishaps that will have you laughing out loud, everyday occurrences that we can all understand, or insightful observations that hit surprisingly close to home, they’re not just entertaining; they might just give you a new perspective on your own experience as a mom, too.

Bunmi Laditan definitely knows how to make moms (and dads, too) feel like they’re not alone. And if you need a good laugh after a long day of play dates and potty training but are too worn out to read words on the page, be sure to pick up this audiobook to enjoy with a hard-earned glass of wine.

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