Unleashed Review
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If you’ve ever had a pet, you know how they can become so much more than just an animal. They’re your best friend—even a part of your family. But in the quirky rom-com Unleashed, one woman is in for a big surprise when her beloved pets take on human form.

Unleashed stars Kate Micucci as Emma, a single girl whose bad luck with love convinces her to make some big changes—so she moves herself, her dog, Summit, and her cat, Ajax, to San Francisco to start a new life on their own. But when the stars align one night, turning her lovable dog and her suave cat into men—both of whom are determined to win her affection and be the one to remain in her life—Emma finds herself spending time with two perfect (but completely different) men, as well as her lovable neighbor (Sean Astin).

If you’ve ever spent a quiet evening at home with your pets, wishing that Rover and Fluffy were real people, you’ll definitely get plenty of laughs from this cute and breezy rom-com. From its playful tone to its bubbly soundtrack to its comical characters, it’s simply light and fun.

Micucci’s Emma is an adorable lead. Sad and lonely yet adorably geeky, she’s the kind of character that most women will understand—because, at some point, we’ve been her (though maybe not quite so cute). She’s still recovering from a broken heart—and broken trust, too—and she’s drowning in insecurities. And it takes a pair of four-legged friends to help her see beyond them.

Animal lovers, meanwhile, will recognize the two magical characters—because they’re exactly as you’d imagine the human version of your pets to be. The actors throw themselves into their roles in the most hilarious of ways. Steve Howey is Summit-turned-Sam, a strong and earnest hulk of a guy who’s every bit as loyal as he is dim-witted. And Justin Chatwin is hilarious as Ajax-turned-Diego. Suave, smart, and aloof (with a weakness for goldfish), he becomes the city’s hottest new supermodel before working his way back into Emma’s life. Together with their lovable owner-turned-love-interest, they make Unleashed a totally silly (and predictable) but fun and fluffy chick flick.

Whether you’re a pet lover or a fed-up single girl who’s considering her future as a cat lady, you’ll enjoy the four-legged comedy of Unleashed. Make it a girls’ night out—or pick it up on demand and enjoy it with your pets.

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