I Do...Until I Don’t Review
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Whether you’ve been married for five decades, five years, or even just five months, you know that marriage can be tough. And in the comedy I Do...Until I Don’t, writer/director Lake Bell explores the trials and challenges of marriage—as well as its joys and companionship—through the eyes of a bitter and pretentious filmmaker.

I Do...Until I Don’t follows documentarian Vivian Prudeck (Dolly Wells) as she sets out to make her latest film—one that shows that the institution of marriage is outdated. Instead, she proposes a marriage contract of seven years with an option to renew. She sets out to use three Florida couples at various stages in their relationships to illustrate her point—often manipulating her subjects to get the desired result. But she soon finds out that, with these couples, proving her point might not be as easy as she expected.

As both an actress and a director, Lake Bell has never been one to shy away from the awkward and the goofy—and her latest film certainly employs both. I Do...Until I Don’t revels in the awkwardness of relationships—those private moments and strange discussions that most people tend to keep private. And the awkwardness even spills out into the rest of the film, too—into the things that the characters do outside the privacy of their own homes. And while some of those moments can be amusing, others just feel forced and unnatural.

The characters, meanwhile, definitely have their ups and downs—so many, in fact, that it’s hard to get a good feel for any of them. Really, the only character who doesn’t seem to be in a constant state of flux is Vivian—but her condescension and constant manipulation of everyone (not to mention her completely over-the-top filmmaking style) won’t exactly endear her to audiences.

The story here may be rather haphazard, but it still fits into the standard romantic comedy formulas, too. Despite all of the randomness and awkwardness, though, the characters do eventually find their way—and their stories come together in a way that’s surprisingly sweet. But, as is often the case with real relationships, the road to that happily-ever-after is pretty rocky.

I Do...Until I Don’t has a few entertaining moments—and some lovable ones, too. But it’s also awkward and a little jumbled. So if you haven’t already seen Bell’s 2013 debut feature, In a World..., I recommend checking that one out instead.

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