Kill the Heroes (Charlie Henry #4) Review
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Each day, brave men and women risk their lives for others—whether in the military or as a first responder. And in Kill the Heroes, the fourth Charlie Henry mystery by author David Thurlo, local heroes find themselves facing a different kind of risk when they become the targets of a killer.

The story finds veteran and Albuquerque pawnshop owner Charlie Henry on the hunt for a killer. It begins at the dedication of a memorial in a park, where a retired army captain is shot and killed and others are injured. Charlie suspects that the bullet may have been meant for him—and when he’s suddenly the target of more shootings and fire bombings, it seems as though that might be the case. So he teams up with the local police and the FBI to track down whoever’s responsible.

It may be fiction, but the situation here is all too real: tragedy strikes, and it isn’t long before people start using the dreaded word, “terrorist.” But while ISIS may be a possibility, there are several other options, too: a jealous ex-husband, an escaped criminal, a bitter business associate. The variety of possibilities will give readers plenty of angles to consider. And the repeated attempts on Charlie’s life—and the lives of those around him—keep the action moving.

In this fourth Charlie Henry adventure, the character development is admittedly rather light. For anyone who’s read the three previous installments, that’s obviously not an essential part of the novel. But those who are new to the character and his exploits will get just the basics: his military background, his partnership in the pawnshop, and his budding relationship with employee Ruth, who has her own complicated history. Throughout the story, Thurlo also weaves in aspects of Charlie’s Native American upbringing—and those cultural touches add personality to the character and his story.

Still, when the story comes to an end, the resolution isn’t entirely satisfying. Not all of the answers seem reasonable—and some just lead to more questions. But while it may not be the perfect conclusion, it’s certainly an action-packed one.

Of course, if you’ve followed Charlie Henry through the first three books in the series, you’ll enjoy catching up with the characters in their latest mystery. But the minimal development and the unsatisfying conclusion probably won’t win over many new fans.

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