Kingsman: The Golden Circle Review
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In 2015, director Matthew Vaughn introduced audiences to prim and proper agents who sometimes resort to extreme violence in the graphic novel adaptation Kingsman: The Secret Service. And in the eagerly awaited sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, he introduces a new band of eccentric superspies to the over-the-top mix.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle catches up with Eggsy (Taron Egerton) after he’s settled into both his role as a Kingsman agent and his relationship with Swedish princess Tilde (Hanna Alström). But when the ruthless leader of a massive drug cartel takes aim at the entire Kingsman agency while setting up a worldwide hostage situation, Eggsy and Merlin (Mark Strong) travel to the States, where they discover an allied organization called Statesman. And the fine tailors of London and the rootin’ tootin’ whiskey distillers of Louisville must team up to save the world once again.

If you loved Kingsman: The Secret Service, you’ll be delighted to find more of the same wild graphic novel action in the sequel. Admittedly, that means that it isn’t as fresh and surprising as the original—because you’ll be more prepared for the quirky mix of extremes this time around—but it’s still every bit as much fun.

This time around, Eggsy is more comfortable in his role. No longer the impulsive kid with a chip on his shoulder, he’s a little more stable—and more likable, too. Still, he isn’t just another cool, collected secret agent. The old Eggsy is still there—the challenges, the emotions, the heart—and that gives the story a little more drama than the usual spy thriller. Though he’s clearly the main character, he’s surrounded by big personalities. And each one—from Channing Tatum’s troublemaking Agent Tequila to Julianne Moore’s delightfully unhinged Poppy to, well, Elton John—brings something enjoyably odd to the adventure.

The story itself isn’t anything special—but, really, the story here is secondary to just about everything else...especially the action. With its sometimes shocking violence and its eye-popping fight sequences, Kingsman is over-the-top in ways that only graphic novel adaptations can be. For that reason, it definitely isn’t for everyone—but it sure is entertaining.

While the second Kingsman caper may not be as surprising and original as its action-packed predecessor, it still has the same quirky characters and high-octane action. So if you enjoyed the first, you won’t want to miss the sequel.

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