Alex & Eve Review
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In 2002, My Big Fat Greek Wedding told the story of a Greek family struggling to accept a non-Greek newcomer. The Australian rom-com Alex & Eve takes the cultural dilemma one step further, showing what happens when two different families from two strong cultural backgrounds are brought together.

Alex & Eve follows the cross-cultural romance of Alex (Richard Brancatisano), a Greek Orthodox teacher who lives in Australia with his extended family. On a night out with his best friend, Paul (Ryan O’Kane), he meets Eve (Andrea Dementriades), a Lebanese Muslim lawyer who has a very strong culture (and a very outspoken family) of her own. Knowing that neither family would approve of their relationship, they try to keep it quiet—though it’s hard to hide their happiness. And when they start to get serious and families become involved, things get really complicated.

From the very beginning, Alex & Eve is a captivating cultural experience. It may be shown in a light-hearted and comical way, but, in telling this fun-filled yet problematic love story, it also offers a look inside two deeply passionate, intensely exclusive, yet surprisingly similar cultures. It’s a film overflowing with ethnic music, colorful costumes, family traditions, and strong personalities.

Alex’s boisterous Greek clan has been seen in film before, but Alex is an undeniably charming character: the quiet member of an otherwise noisy family. He’s sweet and thoughtful and totally love struck, and he keeps the relationship a secret from his family while seeking the advice of his students.

Eve, meanwhile, is a strong, modern woman living with a very traditional family. While Alex is the romantic, she’s the realist. She understands the kind of chaos that their relationship will cause within the family, so she attempts to push Alex away time after time.

Of course, if Eve were successful in pushing Alex away, there would be no story to tell. Instead, what follows is a comical, cultural clash, with each trying to understand the other’s culture while bracing for the moment when they’ll have to break the news to the rest of the family. And while the outcome may be formulaic and predictable—and the most slapstick moments sometimes miss the mark—there’s still plenty to love about this appropriately messy rom-com.

Alex & Eve may seem like just another chick flick. But the lovable characters, the light-hearted comedy, and the cultural touches make it more than just the same old fluffy romance.

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