Hondros Review
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Pictures grab our attention. They tell stories. They move us and inspire us. They teach us lessons without passing judgment. And the documentary Hondros tells the story of one man who traveled the world and captured some of the most memorable images of the 21st century.

Hondros follows the career of war photographer Chris Hondros, who traveled to the world’s most dangerous war zones and got close to the action in order to share images of fighting and hardship and heartbreak with the world. Photography was always his passion—and, as a college student in the ‘90s, he began covering important events (even those that he wasn’t invited to attend). After the events of 9/11, however, he became even more committed to sharing images of war-torn nations. He always appeared to be a step ahead of the news—always in place to capture the most compelling images.

Directed by Hondros’s close friend, Greg Campbell, and loaded with interviews, archive footage, and stunning imagery, Hondros is more than just a story about a man who took pictures. It’s also the story of the things he saw through his lens: the war and devastation, the joy and heartbreak. And it’s the story of the relationships he nurtured along the way.

Hondros was driven by a deep sense of empathy. The expressions he captured in his subjects were unforgettable. His images showed more than just wars; they showed the emotions, the grief, the humanity of the people whose lives were changed forever by these moments in time. For this reason, there was often more to the story than just a single image—and the film also relates some of the stories behind the pictures, giving viewers a deeper appreciation for this gifted and truly personable photographer.

At times, the storytelling feels a bit choppy; the film skips around to different times and places, and it can seem a little haphazard. But the breathtaking imagery alone makes Hondros worth seeking out—and the man and his stories make for a captivating documentary.

If you’ve ever wondered about the story behind that picture that you saw in the news, you’ll want to check out Hondros. It’s a fascinating film about war, humanity, and a man who repeatedly risked (and eventually lost) his life while fighting to bring to light the fighting and suffering taking place around the world.

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