Almost Super Review
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Unabridged Digital Audiobook
Runtime: 6 hours, 3 minutes
Read by Mike Chamberlain

Most kids love a good superhero fantasy, with strong characters battling bad guys with their superhuman powers. But in the audio edition of Almost Super by author Marion Jensen, a couple of would-be superheroes get powers that are completely worthless—so they must learn to be super without the powers.

The story introduces the Bailey family—a band of superheroes whose duty is to protect the world from their villainous rivals, the Johnsons. On February 29th at 4:23 p.m., every Bailey over 12 gets some kind of power—but when the big day comes for Rafter Bailey and his brother Benny, the super powers they get are duds. They fear that they may never be able to join their family in battle—and if their evil classmate, Juanita Johnson, gets a real power, they may not even survive the school day.

Almost Super isn’t the same old superhero story. It’s a fun-filled audio adventure, loaded with action, danger, comic characters, smart kids, and a super-silly sense of humor, too.

The young characters here really are super. After years of eagerly awaiting the day when they’d get their super power—after wondering which power they’d get and dreaming about donning their super suit and joining their family in battle—the Bailey brothers end up horribly disappointed. But, as they deal with the disappointment, they’re forced to figure out how to be their own kind of super—powers or not—and it’s a lesson that young readers will learn in the process, too.

Really, though, there are so many lessons to be learned in this fun and fast-paced adventure—lessons about setting aside our differences and taking the time to listen to others instead of making quick judgments. And that’s what makes this adventure truly heroic.

But, of course, just because Almost Super has some valuable lessons to share with readers, that doesn’t mean that the story is a serious one. In fact, it’s so filled with quirky scenarios that it’s sure to keep listeners of all ages chuckling through every new adventure.

Action-packed and written in a playful and often humorous style, this audiobook may have been created with kids in mind, but it’s the kind that will keep Mom and Dad entertained, too. It’s a great pick for your next family road trip—and, once you finish, you’ll be eager to pick up the next book in the series, too.

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