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The Book of Craw - Sam Torode
After finishing Sam Torode’s The Dirty Parts of the Bible, a semifinalist in Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel competition, I quickly picked up its companion, The Book of Craw: a Hobo’s Testament. The Dirty Parts of the Bible was so interesting and entertaining that I was eager to read more about Tobias Henry’s friend and mentor, Cornelius “Craw” McGraw the hobo. However, I didn’t exactly get the story that I expected. This [more...]
City Above the Sea and Other Poems - Stephen Alan Saft
I love poetry, but it’s often difficult to find well-written, poignant poetry that sticks with me years afterward. Stephen Alan Saft’s City Above the Sea collection, however, comes closer to that than any poetry collection I’ve read in a while.

City Above the Sea and Other Poems is a collection of thirty-four blank verse, free verse, and rhyming poems, most of which tell a mini story about the author’s life—discussing [more...]
The Darkness of Lanaia’s Garden - Lanaia Lee
In The Darkness of Lanaia’s Garden, Ms. Lee brings us a collection of dark poetry with illustrations by Charles Davis. Each poem tells a mini-story—usually about love, death, or other morbid topics. In this collection, you’ll get poems about emotional and physical pain, reincarnation, ghosts and haunted places, and ancient civilizations such as Atlantis and Egypt.

These poems might have been more enjoyable if the author hadn’t [more...]
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