Boggle Review
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Players: 1 to however many can crowd around
Time to play: 3 minutes per round; play as many rounds as you want

I admit, I'm a word geek. And I love this game. What better way to learn a relatively useless skill like finding words in a four by four square of letter dice? In this game, you can follow the letters diagonally, around each other, straight, or crooked, as long as least a corner touches, and you don't return to the same letter more than once in the same word. The goal is to see how many words of three or more letters you can find before the fake sand in the plastic hourglass (provided with the game) runs out.

It's terribly addictive if you like words or word games, especially since like Yahtzee you can challenge yourself alone as well as play with others.

Come to think of it, the skills from Boggle aren't entirely useless it can hone your skills of reading upside-down, sideways, and crooked. Who knows when you'll need those skills?

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