A Walk in the Woods Review
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You get a lot of funny stories interspersed with in-depth facts about the trail, its history, its biology, and its travelers.

I do think this book gets a bit bogged down at times—there are only so many ways to tell about how someone felt while hiking through the woods—and Bryson has the sort of caustic humor that makes you feel its edge a bit sharply at times.

But if you’ve ever felt the pure joy that comes from reaching a mountain peak after trudging all day, the joy of a bed after days and weeks of sleeping on the ground, or the fear of being chased by wild animals, not to mention the feeling of despair that you’ll never make it to your goal, you’ll enjoy this book. And then you’ll want to go take a walk in the woods yourself. I just wouldn’t
recommend taking the author with you—he sounds like he might not make the best trail partner, though he gets a bit more trailworthy by the end of the book. And at all times better than his trail partner, Katz....

Anyway, enjoying reading the book, and then allow it to inspire you to take a hike, a camping vacation, or at least a walk in the woods. What better way to spend a night or a weekend?

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