Moods Review
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Players: 3 to 8 (ages 18 and up)
Playing Time: 30 to 60 minutes

Do you remember mood rings? What about those magnets that you stick to the fridge? You know, the ones where you press your thumb down on the black spot and the color it displays shows your mood. Anyway, if moods are your thing, then the game Moods is for you.

Moods tests your acting ability -- but also the ability to tell what the other person is trying to do. This is because during your turn, you get to draw a card with a saying on it, roll a ten-sided die, and then act out a mood. However, we first need to figure out how to get to that point.

The first step is to go to the store to get the game (Ed. Note: or you can buy it right here). I don’t care how you get the game; just leave me out of the situation. Next, take the game to your dwelling or somebody else’s dwelling. Take the game out of the bag and remove the plastic wrapping...

All right, this is a little too thorough. I’ll skip to the important stuff.

Inside the box, there is a game board, along with eight mood pieces, 120 phrase cards, 60 mood cards, a ten-sided die, 32 voting chips, and a plastic cup (not to be used for drinking). Each person selects a mood piece and picks up the four voting chips that correspond to their color. Each voting chip should have a different number between one and four. Then ten moods are drawn at random. Place them on the board in spots numbered one through ten. Now that the set-up is done, it’s time to play.

With all the pieces on the starting area of the board, the first player rolls the die inside the cup. The number that comes up is the mood you have to act out. A phrase card is now drawn, and the phrase is acted out. It can be anywhere from “I will always love you” in a manly tone to “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn” in a romantic tone. The other players then decide what mood the first player is acting out and toss their chips out on the corresponding mood. If their guess is correct, they get to move the amount of places on their voting chip. The actor gets to move the same number of spaces as the number of people who guessed the mood correctly. The game continues on like this until there is a winner.

Moods is an exciting game. Not only is it fun to act things out, but it also gives you a reason to make fun of the people you’re playing with. Come on, who doesn’t enjoy that? I would strongly suggest this game -- I give it a rating of DAMS AMAZING or a rating of 10. You know, whatever you prefer.

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