Fight Club Review
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Homer Simpson once said, ďFeeling stupid? I know I am.Ē Well, I know I did.

One afternoon, my friends and I were bored out of our skulls, so we went down to Hope College to play some frisbee golf. Instead of playing frisbee golf, though, we just began to fight each other. Afterwards, we wanted to rent a movie. Since we were still in the fighting mood, we rented Fight Club (or, in Spanish, El Club de la Pelea).

Fight Club is one of those movies that will make you think, like Memento (see Kristinís review). However, itís a twisted thinking movie, like 12 Monkeys.

Edward Nortonís character, who is never given a name, is a recall coordinator for a major car company. He travels across the U.S., investigating car accidents involving his companyís cars. With his salary, heís able to buy a nice apartment in a high-rise building.

On one of his trips, he meets a soap salesman named Tyler Durden, who is played by Brad Pitt. Edward Norton ends up living with Tyler once he finds out that his luxurious apartment was blown up while he was away.

Together, Tyler and Edward Norton end up starting a fight club that meets every Saturday night. Soon, the club is meeting every day of the week. The club just keeps expanding from city to city across the United States. It ends up turning into Project Mayhem.

There is a connection between Tyler and Nortonís character that makes the movie come full circle at the end. But in order to find out, youíll just have to watch the movie. Yeah right, Iím not going to tell you the most important thing about the movie in my review...

This movie seems to have two sides. Either you really love it or you totally hate it. I have heard both. However, you just canít base your opinion on just one viewing. My parents want to watch it again so that it makes more sense. I totally agree with them.

I believe that this movie is one of the best thinking movies that I have ever seen. It joins the ranks of the Memento and 12 Monkeys, like I have said before. Itís unfortunate that my scale doesnít go up to 11 -- because thatís where this movie would land. I give this movie a DAMS THIS IS AWESOME, BUT I DONíT HAVE WORDS TO DESCRIBE HOW AWESOME IT IS.

ďYou are not the contents of your wallet.Ē -Tyler Durden

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