Big Trouble in Little China Review
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Some people like their cars, while others like exotic women, and still others prefer to dabble in the paranormal. John Carpenter’s action movie Big Trouble in Little China deals with all of those preferences.

Jack Burton (Kurt Russell) is a truck driver delivering goods to Chinatown in San Francisco. Here he meets up with his friend, Wang. After a night of heavy drinking and gambling, Wang asks Jack to take him to the airport to pick up his one and only love who has just arrived from China. In the airport, trouble goes down. Wang’s girlfriend, who is a green-eyed Chinese woman, is kidnapped -- and the two soon find out that it was done so that 2000 year-old Lo Pan can become flesh again and rule the world.

Wang and Jack go after the girl. During their adventure, Jack’s semi truck is stolen, Wang and Jack encounter the “Three Storms,” and they find Egg, a magician who will help them defeat the evil powers of Lo Pan.

This movie is very entertaining. Kurt Russell’s wise cracks are among the funniest I have heard in a long time -- and the comedy mixed with the fight scenes provides entertainment for all moviegoers. I would have to give it a 9 on the DAMS CALE.

Believe it or not, Big Trouble in Little China was used in a John Carpenter’s film course at Central Michigan University. Yeah, that’s right, there is a John Carpenter film course. Gotta love college.

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