Blow Review
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Ever since I started high school, my desire to read for fun dropped greatly. This was probably because I had to read textbooks and novels that I didn’t want to read. That was one of the crappy things about school. However, since reading Blow, my whole perspective on reading has changed.

Blow is a true story about drug connoisseur George Jung. George Jung, or “Boston Jorge” as the Colombian Drug Cartel knows him, was one of the best-recognized drug dealers in the late 70s and early 80s.

Bruce Porter takes the reader through all the trials and tribulations of George’s life. The author gives a little history of where George grew up (New England) and then goes into George’s life, starting at the very beginning.

>The book doesn’t have the typical feel of a biography. You know, boring. The biographies that I have read just go from start to finish giving the reader straight facts. Bruce Porter adds spice into his book by providing insight from George himself into some of the situations he went through. The commentary that Jung provides just makes the book.

I would have to highly recommend reading this book. It takes a lot for me to start reading a book, but this one was just plain exciting from beginning to end. When I finished the book, I felt some sort of void. I was disappointed that the book was over. I would have to give Blow a full-fledged 10. In other words, it gets a DAMS FREAKIN' AWESOME!

Ed. Note: Yes, this was the book made into a recent Johnny Depp film.

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