Tuck Everlasting Review
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I am fortunate enough to have a mother who loves books as much as I do. When you grow up with a voracious reading appetite, it’s marvelous to have a parent who always has the best suggestions, who guides you towards books like Tuck Everlasting.

That’s right—long before it was a Disney movie, Tuck Everlasting was an ALA Notable children’s book. And although it was the commercials for the new movie that prompted me to pick up the book again, I remembered it fondly. And rightly so. Reading this book is like drinking sunshine—something so delightful you hardly notice it’s nourishing at the same time.

Or at least it’s like spending some time soaking in sunshine filtered through the greenest leaves in an
enchanted woods. Surely you can remember what that feels like—however, if you’ve never experienced it, this is a wonderful book to introduce you to the feeling. It will place you there firmly and masterfully with just the right words. It will draw you into the moment when Winnie Foster’s ten-year-old life became a fairy tale—one that helped her see the world in a new, more grown-up way.

What’s the plot, then? Winnie Foster, while running away into her family’s woods, meets a family called the Tucks, who take her back to their house to explain the seriousness of their situation. For the Tucks are frozen in time—they can’t die, having drunk from a certain spring in the Fosters’ woods eighty years before. And they’ve discovered since that living forever’s not always as pleasant as it sounds. Now that Winnie knows, she has some very grown-up decisions to make. Tuck Everlasting tells the biblical story of Adam and Eve’s fall reversed, posing the question What would it be like to live forever in a fallen world?

But don’t think this book is all deep or hard to read just because it introduces philosophical questions. They’re introduced naturally, as part of the story. As part of a beautifully and simply told story with real characters—one that everyone should read instead of watching the movie, in my opinion. If you read the book first, you’re bound to get upset by the movie—but read my movie review to learn more about that.

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