Bitches Brew Review
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Do you remember the 1960s? I sure donít. It could be because of all the LSD, or the anti-war protests -- or maybe it was the fact that I was not yet born. Well, there was some excellent music that came out of the time period. One album that has caught my attention is Bitches Brew by Miles Davis.

Bitches Brew is not the typical do-wop do-wop jazz. No, itís what musicians like to call ďfusion.Ē This sound is a jazz influence laced with a little bit of acidÖ rock. Itís the type of music where you turn down the lights, light up some incense, and turn on the lava lamp.

The two-disc set contains a total of seven songs. Each song captures the events that were occurring at the time. All the tracks have some havoc in them. The music then blends together nicely -- then splits back into chaos once more. One thing that should be noted is that all seven songs were improvisational, resulting in some of the songs lasting for 20-plus minutes.

Bitches Brew is an excellent jazz set to listen to while trying to unwind. Anyone that wants to expand their musical horizons should pick it up.

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