The Vineyard Review
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Olivia Jones is in need of employment. She is working as a restorer of old photographs and is about to find herself out of work. Otis, her employer, is retiring.

She sends out resumes to museums and art galleries but only finds polite rejection letters. Eventually her boss puts in a good word for her with his long-time acquaintance, Natalie Seebring. She needs an assistant to help her write her memoirs. Olivia accepts the position, and she and her dyslexic daughter Tess relocate to the Asquonset Vineyard and Winery, located by the sea in Rhode Island.

Olivia quickly becomes enmeshed in the lives of her employer and the rest of the family, secretly wishing she were a part of it all. Olivia once dreamed of having a family of her own. She is a single mother and the only child of a mother who deserted her, a mother she has been trying to find without success. What she bargained for she got: Natalie’s history and the history of the vineyard and a warm acceptance from members of the Seebring family. What she didn’t bargain for was the feelings she had for Simon Burke, vineyard overseer and the son of Natalie's fiancé.

This story takes you on an emotional rollercoaster ride through the lives of the vineyard inhabitants. You can feel the misty morning air on your face and the crunch of freshly turned earth beneath your feet as you follow Simon through the rows of his beloved vineyard. Your heart yearns to comfort Tess, as she struggles for acceptance by members of her sailing class, trying to fit in and keep her dyslexia a secret.

Learn of the tragedy that haunts Simon; peek into the relationships of the Asquonset heirs; and come away from the book feeling as though you’ve just returned from a holiday in The Vineyard. This is a must read for all fans of Barbara Delinsky, and if you’re not one, you need to be!

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