Inner City Blues Review
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Charlotte Justice is a hard-hitting, yet soft and vulnerable black female detective in the notorious LAPD.

After her husband and infant daughter were gunned down on the lawn of their home by drug dealers, it became Charlotte’s quest to find the known assailant and bring him in. What she didn’t expect was for him to fall victim to another’s wrath and then have to spend her time solving his murder.

Suspicions abound around Dr. Lance Mitchell, who was caught fleeing the scene of the murder and later found to be a victim himself, and Dr. Aubrey old flame who rekindles the fires of passion Charlotte thought she was incapable of feeling ever again.

Inner City Blues is a fast-paced, realistic account of the drama served up to Detective Justice as she faces the criminal element of the city she loves and the adversaries she is forced to work with.

Charlotte Justice has earned her place among the heroines of law enforcement and once you meet her, you will eagerly await each new adventure.

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