Wolfkin - Lord of Wind and Fire Review
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I didnít know what to expect when I first started reading but I was pleasantly surprised by the characters...so real yet a fantasy.

Yozerf, an Aclyte shape-shifter, is indebted to a wizard named Ax who, saving him from death many years before, has come to collect his due. As final payment of this debt, Ax commands him to defend the kingdom of Jenel.

Suchen, a steward of Lord Auglar of Kellsjard is approached by the same wizard, asking that she meet up with a young noblewoman who is traveling alone, and escort her to Kellsjard for a meeting with Lord Auglar.

Wolfkin is the adventure of Suchen and Yozerf, who are thrown together by the wizard in a battle for their lives and those of the kingdom of Jenel. They are ravaged by humans turning into dragons, wolves to humans, and by those sworn to protect and defend.

Ms. Corvidae takes you inside the minds of the characters...you become their demons and taste their fear. You watch as the Red Guard transform from human to beast, you follow Yozerf into death and feel the pull of the healermage as she restores him to life. Wolves and she-wolves stalk their prey and shift to human form...their victory assured.

In the midst of this chaos, love develops...a deep, soul-love that makes you fight in your heart for its survival as you reaffirm that love conquers all.

This is a masterfully crafted fantasy, full of surprises. The plots and sub plots kept me turning the pages as I read my way through one of the best books Iíve read in a long time.

This is a must read for lovers of fantasy and shape-shifting and...for those who arenít...you will be!

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