The Skeleton in the Closet Review
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Fellworth Dolphin lived with his parents in a small flat in Worcestershire, England. After his father dies, he goes to work as a waiter in one of the local hotels to support himself and his cold-hearted, miserly, domineering mother.

He befriends a local girl named Maggie, a plain Jane living much the same sort of life, working for low wages and estranged from her self absorbed, greedy mother.

When Fellworth’s mother passes away, she leaves him a sizeable inheritance, shocking both Fellworth and those who knew of his meager existence. Where had this money had come from? There had been rumors that his father was a participant in a bank robbery decades before but it was never proven. Now, Fellworth wondered...could this be part of the stolen money?

He enlists the aid of Maggie and together they set out to determine how this inheritance came about and at the same time, clear his father’s memory of all suspicion.

This story is an enjoyable read for lovers of cozy mysteries.

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