The Woman Next Door Review
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Amanda O’Leary and her husband Graham have been trying to have a baby. They have had a wonderful five years together and are desperate to conceive. Family pressure and the constant reminder from the neighbors’ children of the one thing they lack to make their lives perfect, begins to eat away at the fabric of their marriage. When Amanda notices that Gretchen, their younger, widowed neighbor is pregnant, she begins to doubt her husband’s fidelity.

Karen and Lee Cotter, a married couple with a set of twins and a troubled fifteen-year-old, have enough problems of their own. Lee has cheated on his wife in the past, and Karen is convinced that this time, the fruits of his adultery will become another child playing in their quiet Connecticut cul-de-sac.

Russ and Georgia Lange have had a very amicable relationship. While Georgia was the breadwinner and traveled through the week - only getting home on weekends, Russ was content to be the stay-at-home dad. Georgia felt bad at having to miss so much time away from home, but not as bad as she felt when she learned of the baby to be born to her widowed neighbor. Is that the reason why Russ didn’t mind the role reversal...didn’t mind her long trips away?

Who fathered this baby? Why didn’t Gretchen tell them...what did she have to hide?

The Woman Next Door is a definite page turner, and Ms. Delinsky keeps you guessing as you follow the twists and turns in this mystery to its surprise ending. A must read!

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